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If you opt for our mobile weigh bridge with inbuilt steel foundation plates you don’t require any civil foundation work. For the erection of the weighbridge only a well leveled hard surface is required. The savings accrued because of this are
1.Savings in the cost of civil foundation works is approx. Rs.1,50,000/- in Small Size
2. Savings in time to the tune of 20 days @ Rs.2500/- per day. This savings is recurring for every relocation of the weighbridge.

  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Comparison With The Conventional Weighbridges

REDUCTION IN LOAD DISTANCE : As EAGLE weighbridge can be easily dismantled and re erected within a short span of time, it can be constantly relocated near to area of operation. This will help enormously in reducing lead distance, reduction of handling cost, manpower, and appreciable improvement in productivity.

ACCURACY : EAGLE is a highly consistent system, as we use state of art electronic and structural design. Consistent accuracy is a basic necessity of any weighbridge. Even little inconsistent measurement will result in loss of several hundred kilograms of materials everyday, which can amount from Rs.1000/- to 10,000/- to any amount depending the value of material.

MAINTENANCE : As EAGLE is a rugged design and the system has surprisingly ease of operation under most harsh condition. The down time due to break down is almost nil and hence the loss due to break down is also almost nil.

RATTLING : As EAGLE weighbridge is a modular design which comprises of a fully welded modules rattling of the system due to loose fasteners is totally avoided. Such rattling leads to inconsistency and inaccuracy in weighing.

WARPING OF PLATES : The top deck plate is fully welded and well supported by longitude beams within a span of 1 meter; hence they are rigid and sturdy avoiding warping or bending of plates. This avoids replacement. Top deck plate, saving lot of time, money and work output. Since it is rugged the life span is also very high.

FLEXIBILITY IN OPERATION : Being a modular design the length of the weighbridge can be extended or reduced suiting the site conditions and hence no need to keep separate weighbridges. This flexibility help in reduction of inventories and capital cost.

PROTECTION FROM LIGHTENING : As a good quality measure we provide protection device against lightening. Electrical spikes, at no extra cost. Cost of this unit exceeds Rs.50,000/-. This facility increases the longevity of all critical electric components. Scientific minded and forward looking organization like yours invest huge money On capital equipment which though expensive proves beneficial and profitable both in long term and short term perspective In the similar way we hope you would appreciate, the benefit you will reap out of this unit year on year basis



Our weighbridges can be easily dismantled and re-erected in a new location in a Short span of time. Transportation of the modules can be arranged through a normal Truck.

Our weighbridges are modular type. Hence they have the advantage of future up-gradations by simply adding a module or two to have a longer platform. This is not possible in conventional type of weighbridges.

Conventional type weighbridge has 2 main longitudinal members. Whereas the modular type weighbridge has 4 main longitudinal members. Structure is more strong, yet sleek.

Our Weighbridges are fitted with load cells which supports the structure through a special arrangement. This ensures the structure swings in order to avoid the shock loading transferred directly to the load cell, on a dynamic force created by a moving truck over the platform and thereby load cell accuracy is sustained for a longer period.

In our weighbridges, the chances of getting rusted is less as the modules are seamlessly welded and rain water and slush cannot find their way to the under chassis of the weighbridge which will definitely reduce the maintenance cost.

Our Weighbridge is modular in structure, fully welded and strong to take care of the designated load. The loose parts such as girders, plates and transoms in a conventional weighbridge and the main girders in a surface mounted type have a relative movement due to cyclic loading of truck weighing, though they are held by fasteners. In the long run, this effect leads to wear and tear of the parts and the same need replacement. Our weighbridge comprises of modules which are fully welded and have no loose parts, hence the effect of cyclic loading does not cause any problem and thereby keeping your maintenance cost to a minimum.

The conventional weighbridge with Girders and Plates or a surface mounted type has a 4 load cells support in its corners and the girder has long span and hence is subject to bending in the middle. This bending tilts the load cells out of its vertical position, resulting in load loss due to angular force over the load cell.

In a typical surface mounted type, the structure is supported with load cells through rocker assembly which holds the structure rigidly and thereby the shock load due to dynamic force created by a moving truck is directly transferred to the load cells which not only reduces the life span of load cell, but also leads to erratic performance of load cells in due course.

This weighbridge does not require an elaborate civil foundation work as in the case of a Conventional weighbridge. Our weighbridge could also be installed permanently on a hard surface with a concrete mat or on M.S. Plates under the load cell points and the ramps.

All the weighbridges available today whether pit or pitless requires civil foundation costing at least Rs. 4 lakhs to Rs.6 Lakhs. This could be minimized to a great extent by installing our weighbridge. Our weighbridge could be installed as a pit mounted or pitless type permanently in a site if need arises. We hope that your choice of adapting a latest technology in weighing solution is much brighter and hence, we kindly request you to consider our offer favorably.