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Operation of Digital Batching Control Panel

This is fully automatic batching plant for material feeding in Mixer or tank. Operator will decide to how much material will feeding depends upon quantity set point can be set in the HMI panel and just press the start button from panel. Automatic material will start feeding in mixer after checking all interlocks. If any fault in system feeding will not started and alarm will generate in the control panel display.

Features  :
  • Fully / semi automatic batching system.
  • Easy operation.
  • Customize logic and operation.
  • Microcontroller base design
  • One Touch solution
  • Formula insert and auto selection of formula and material
Specifications :
  • Multi point filling or Loss of weight base system.
  • MIMIC / HMI , LCD base display.
  • Computer interface.
  • SCADA type control room interface.
  • Wireless operation.
  • Control panel.