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EAGLE is launching its ERD Series of easy to read LED remote displays. Available with a choice of 5, 11 or 17 cm digits the high intensity, red LED characters can be seen from up to 325 feet and with a filtered lens are clearly visible both indoors and outside. These easy to read displays mean that operators do not need to walk around a site checking readouts. When integrated to a weighbridge, for example, there is no reason for a driver to leave the safety of his or her cab. The remote displays use auto-learn technology to make installation quick and easy. This can interpret the communication format and data stream of almost any instrument automatically to reduce set up time. There is usually no need to press buttons or set switches to configure the ERD series with its plug and play capability. It can be integrated to virtually any weighing equipment and can be used for a huge range of applications. The remote displays have a wide range of preinstalled programmes for different weighing applications and can display data in either tones or kilograms with the gross and net weight.