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Double Ended Shear Beam Cup & Ball Type Load Cell
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Environmental seals,stainless steel shielded cable,surge protection,heavy-duty coatings and rugged construction help protect Eagle Weighbridges from adverse weather conditions and operating environments.

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Ball and Cup Load cells surpass Its Competitors in Terms Of Resistance against Side Forces. It Is a Fact That the Major Reason behind Load cell Manufacturing Is the Horizontal Side Forces Created by the Vehicles during Brakes and Sudden Start-Ups. That Is why, Scales with Column Type Load cells require Construction Absorbing Side Forces. However, Such Construction As Rocker Supports, Tensions Rods, Buffers, Etc Need Maintenance And Have An Adverse Impact on Weighing Accuracy.

applications, the double ended shear beam offers a number of advantages over other designs. Units like the one shown opposite have built-in jacking bolts which can be used to support the weighing structure during installation thus allowing the live load cells to be fitted just prior to commissioning, avoiding damage. The load cell is designed to rock on its mounting base to accommodate misalignment in mounting surfaces whilst still being retained. The mounting arrangement also permits limited movement to allow for thermal expansion and contraction as well as lift off protection.

  • Greater adverse load capability.
  • Lower sensitivity to adverse loads.
  • Lower height.
  • Lower creep and faster return to zero after load removal.
  • Higher tolerance and environmental protection.
  • Better sealing and environmental protection.
  • Freedom from barometric effect.
  • Greater flexibility of application.

The above advantages make the double-ended shear beam load cells superior over the conventional compression load cells and are more popular now a days in developed countries for various fields applications. A brief explanation on the above advantages is given below and the literature provided speaks in detail about the design concept, performance and applications of double-ended shear beam load cells.

Type center loading DOUBLE ENDED SHEAR beam cup ball load cell
  Mode   IPT   10/20/30/40/50 Ton
  Make   P.T.


  Rated Load     30 Ton
  Safe Over Load   150%  150% Of Rated Capacity
  Ultimate Over Load   300%  300% Of Rated Capacity
  Excitation     5-12 V(DC) Max 18 V(DC)
  Temperature Compensated  

 (-) 35-60 C

  Temperature Operating     +10 to 40'c , -35- + 65 'c
  Combined Error     0.02% FSO
  Non Linearity     <+/-0.017% FSO
  Non ROepeatability     +/-0.02% FSO
  Hysterisis     0.02% FSO
  Creep (after 30 min)     0.02
  Side Load     --NA--
  Bridge Resistancel     /P-700 +/- ohms
  O/P     -700 +/- 7 ohms
  Insulation Resistance     >5000 (50 VDC)
  Integral Cable     12 Mtr.
  MocAlley Steel    
  Protection Class     IP-68
  Cable space4-wire shielded cable    
  Wear and tearLesser    
  Protection @ Impact LoadHigher    
  Benefit Comparision These load cells shoulds be capable of taking load of any direction as depicted below And free motion to W/B.

Double-Ended Shear Beam Type CUP & BALL TYPE concept in load cell design provides the following advantages over the conventional compression type load cells.