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EAGLE - Double Ended Shear Beam / Compression Type Concept in load cell design provides the following advantages over the conventional compression type load cells.

Digital load cell are basically a combination of analog load cell and an analog to digital convertor mounted on the load cell itself. The digital load cells are calibrated and are capable of transmitting the weight on the load cell in digital form.

  • Greater adverse load capability.
  • Lower sensitivity to adverse loads.
  • Lower height.
  • Lower creep and faster return to zero after load removal.
  • Higher tolerance and environmental protection.
  • Better sealing and environmental protection.
  • Freedom from barometric effect.
  • Greater flexibility of application.
Protection :

Environmental seals,stainless steel shielded cable,surge protection,heavy-duty coatings and rugged construction help protect Eagle Weighbridges from adverse weather conditions and operating environments.

Load Cell Certification :
20210---Shakle 20210---Thread 30310---Single-Ended-Shear-Beam-Load-cell 30310-Single-Ended-Shear-Beam load cells
60310-Cut-Size 60410 60510. 60610-Jwellery 60710-Table-Top.jpg
60810-jumbo 70210-load cells 70310 70510-Pin-Type 80210.jpg
60810-jumbo 90210-Compression 90410-Rocker-Pin-Compression 90610-B-Pancake-Type-Compression 90610-B-Pancake-Type-Compression
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